Winners of Patti’s Mini BookMooch Contest

About two weeks I go I announced on BookMoochers Pilipinas Shelfari that I was having a small contest in celebration of my having given 200+ books on BookMooch. BookMooch cards and smooches were to be given as prizes and those who wanted to join just had to tell me their name, BookMooch id, birthday, and what their favorite book is.

The contest ended today, June 30, 8PM, and I have determined the winners by drawing their names out of a hat!

To the 16 who participated, thanks for joining!

The hat!

The names in the hat:

And now, let’s find out who the lucky winners are!

The first name I picked is the big winner. He/she won 200 BookMooch cards (which must be mooched and the point will be returned asap) and a smooch! The next 4 names I picked won a smooch each!

And the big winner is…(drumroll)

Congratulations, Aloi!

Now let’s meet the other lucky winners…

Congratulations, Marie, Karen, Czar, and CZ! You get a smooch each!

Thanks for joining, everyone! Stay tuned for my big contest (with bigger prizes) in August. I’m celebrating one year on BookMooch (August 3) and my birthday (August 12).



What I Did Today

Let’s see…I had cheerios for breakfast, went online, read a chapter or two of Marley & Me, paid a visit to my cousin, played with Cujo (my cousin’s cute little shih tzu), overcooked some pork chops (I really should just stick to cooking chicken), perfectly sautéed sliced onions, perfectly roasted red and green bell peppers, had the overcooked pork chop, sautéed onions, and roasted peppers for dinner, watched Ocean’s Eleven on channel 14, and had a cup of lemon ginger tea.

BookMooch Fanatic…That’s Me!

Obviously I can’t get enough of BookMooch.

I just went and bought this (in two-tone hunter green):

And this (lime ladies basic t-shirt):

Love it!

BookMooch 11oz Mug from

BookMooch shirt from

What I Did Today

I wasted the whole day on the Internet.

The Word Nerd’s Shower Curtain

Top 500 SAT Words Shower Curtain

“They say the best time to learn is when your brain is unguarded and pliable. And when is your brain more unguarded and pliable than when you first get up in the morning? With this smarty shower curtain, you can be learning before you’re really even conscious! Get a mental perk me up every morning and show off your nerdy style as well. Requires 12 shower curtain hooks, not included.”

The word nerd in me is loving this!

Get it for $24.99 at X-treme Geek.

My Amazon Haul

I had $40 worth of book shopping to do the other day thanks to my aunt who gave me the go signal to go crazy on Amazon. I relished every delicious minute of book browsing and book shopping. That was a good day.

Castle: Medieval Days and Knights (A Sabuda & Reinhart Pop-up Book)
by Kyle Olmon (Author), Tracy Sabin (Illustrator)

At $7.99 on Amazon (from the list price of $19.99) it’s a really good deal! Medieval castles and pop-up? An excellent combination. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village
by Laura Amy Schlitz, Robert Byrd

Excitement! This book has been torturing me for months. I’m so happy I’m finally going to have my own copy! Only $13.59 for a hardcover…you can’t beat that!

Manners And Customs in the Middle Ages (Medieval World)
by Marsha Groves

I really, really wanted the whole set of the Medieval World series but, alas, there are 20 of them and that would have exceeded the $40 budget. So I thought really good and hard about which of the 20 I would like to read first and settled on two. This one and the one below.

Women and Girls in the Middle Ages (Medieval World)
by Kay Eastwood

So excited to read this one even if it is for younger readers.

Medieval Tapestries Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book)
by Marty Noble

I can’t remember the last time I bought a coloring book. Maybe it’s because I was never a big fan of coloring. I’m more of a digital artist; I prefer Illustrator and Photoshop over crayons and pencils. But maybe this time will be different since these are designs that I will surely like and be inspired by: medieval tapestries! Definitely more entertaining than coloring in drawings of Rainbow Brite or the Cabbage Patch Kids (can you guess how old I am?).

Life in a Medieval Castle and Village Coloring Book
by John Green

And another coloring book. $3.95 a pop!

Medieval Fashions Coloring Book (History of Fashion)
by Tom Tierney

Aaaaaaand another one. I’m gonna go buy me a box of coloring pencils right now!

Twelve Van Gogh Bookmarks (Small-Format Bookmarks)

I gotta have bookmarks to mark my place when I read all the books I ordered!

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Bookmarks (Little Activity)

You can never have too many bookmarks!

A Passion for Books : A Book Lover’s Treasury of Stories, Essays, Humor, Love and Lists on Collecting, Reading, Borrowing, Lending, Caring for, and Appreciating Books
by Harold Rabinowitz

You can’t have a shelf of books without this one. Perfect for me!

Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction
by Tom Raabe

And a more light-hearted take on the love of (and obsession for) books!

Phew! I just love book shopping! Of course, I exceeded the budget (which means I had to shell out the extra cash) but who cares? Books are worth it.

I Have BookMooch Cards to Give Away

BookMooch cards are little business-size cards that you can give to your friends to tell them about BookMooch. They are printed on good-quality glossy card stock.

I have a big bunch of cards that I am giving away. Several boxes in fact (but only one pictured below).

Mooch cards from me here:

25 cards *FREE for local and international moochers

50 cards *1 point only for international moochers

100 cards

See Bio: BookMooch Cards for more info.