Winners of Patti’s Mini BookMooch Contest

About two weeks I go I announced on BookMoochers Pilipinas Shelfari that I was having a small contest in celebration of my having given 200+ books on BookMooch. BookMooch cards and smooches were to be given as prizes and those who wanted to join just had to tell me their name, BookMooch id, birthday, and what their favorite book is.

The contest ended today, June 30, 8PM, and I have determined the winners by drawing their names out of a hat!

To the 16 who participated, thanks for joining!

The hat!

The names in the hat:

And now, let’s find out who the lucky winners are!

The first name I picked is the big winner. He/she won 200 BookMooch cards (which must be mooched and the point will be returned asap) and a smooch! The next 4 names I picked won a smooch each!

And the big winner is…(drumroll)

Congratulations, Aloi!

Now let’s meet the other lucky winners…

Congratulations, Marie, Karen, Czar, and CZ! You get a smooch each!

Thanks for joining, everyone! Stay tuned for my big contest (with bigger prizes) in August. I’m celebrating one year on BookMooch (August 3) and my birthday (August 12).



4 Responses

  1. woohooooo! *jumping up and down*

    thank you patti 🙂 thank you! 🙂

    *throwing BM cards to the ends of the earth*

  2. love the hat, btw … definitely not what i was expecting ;P

  3. Congrats, Aloi! I was going to use my Dad’s really cool golf hat but I couldn’t find it! So I settled for my old batting head gear. 🙂

  4. […] another pleasant surprise to get drawn out of the hat by Patti aka Bookmoochgirl for joining her little contest on Shelfari. It was pretty painless – just give your favorite book […]

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