Thanks for Joining My BookMooch Contest!

Last August I celebrated my first year on BookMooch on the 3rd and my birthday on the 12th. In addition to these occasions I also celebrated 300+ books given away on BookMooch (yay!). Since joining, I have mooched excellent and hard-to-find books and given away my pre-loved books as well. But more significant than that, I have made so many friends locally and internationally and have found a cause I believe in—promoting the love of books through volunteering at and helping the Quezon City Public Library – Pasong Tamo.

In celebration of all this good fortune, I held two contests for everyone on BookMooch. Books and BM points were given away as prizes for the lucky winners and deserving BM charities.

LOCAL MEMBERS (Philippines): Thank you for joining my contest! Congratulations to Rise and Blooey (winners of 5 points each and two new books of his/her choice—from Powerbooks), Czar, Dianne, Amanda, and CZ (winners of 2 free books from my inventory and 3 points each), Aloi, Fria, Czar, Blooey, Peng, Marie, Jem, CZ, Pink, and Rise (winners of a smooch), and Ria, Mutch, and Amanda (winners of personalized address labels). Thank you for celebrating my anniversary and birthday with me and supporting the Quezon City Public Library. Everyone who joined this contest also received 10 BookMooch cards! Everyone’s a winner!

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS: Thank you so much for joining my contest and supporting the BookMooch charities. Congratulations to Michael (winner of a book of his choice from Powerbooks and 5 BM points) and his favorite charity, the Quezon City Public Library (Pasong Tamo) (winner of 10 BM points). Congratulations also to Lisa, Lola, and Mark (winners of 3 BM points) and to their favorite charities, Operation Paperback, ASDfriendly, and The Prison Book Project (winners of 3 points as well). Other charities who were nominated by the other contestants were also given BookMooch points as additional prizes.

Thank you for celebrating my BookMooch anniversary and birthday with me and the BookMooch charities!

BookMooch rocks!


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