This Deserves a Post

After making a promise to myself that I would blog everyday (even if it were just memes), extreme laziness just washed over me the past two weeks. I was online, sure, but I couldn’t bring myself to write anything or even answer email messages. (Those two weeks were filled with small joys, though, that I might blog about in a few days.)

Anyway, I decided to add a new post today after I read something on Reading Matters. Take a look at this and see something amazing. I wish I were in Bristol right now. (It pains me to see them being stepped on, though.)

If this ever happens at the Booksale warehouse, I’m there.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, wow! Wow! Wow! I would have rented a container truck. Drool.

  2. Why doesn’t this happen here? Sigh.

  3. i can’t believe i only now remembered your blog. will link to you… if this had happened here, my brain would explode from all the choices, the possibilities, the books…

  4. It’s weird how judgmental the comments were on that. Especially the person who said they should have been donated to a charity or library. Can you imagine the library being told “Surprise! Can you sort through these thousands of books to find the ones relevant to your collection?” And calling them parasites for getting books for free? Weird, weird.

    Thanks for the link, I hope to see more posts from you soon.

  5. Hi Patti! Your blog, BookMooch Girl, has been selected and listed in You’re welcome to join our fast-growing Pinoy readers’ community!

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