BookMooch Stand @ Ateneo High School Fair

Back in July John Buckman blogged about the MoochStand Project, an excellent idea from Teresa Malango. Teresa thought that it would be great to put together a kit filled with BookMooch promotional materials. This kit could be sent all over the world to people who want to participate in promoting BookMooch and getting more people interested in reading and mooching. I thought that it was a terrific idea. There are so many bazaars and fairs that BookMoochers Pilipinas members can go to, put up a BookMooch table, and spread the BookMooch love. So I requested for a MoochStand Kit on behalf of our group, and Teresa so kindly sent me the box of BookMooch goodies.


MoochStand Kit from Teresa Malango

Included in the kit are several tabletop display signs, BookMooch hand-out cards, tear-off fliers, a CNET feature article on BookMooch and John Buckman, and a BookMooch fact sheet.


BookMooch Promotional Materials

After much planning and talking and deliberating, we were finally able to put up our first BookMooch Stand at the Ateneo High School Fair last Friday, January 30. A big, big thanks to Honey and Joel Falgui, who are both English teachers at the high school, for hooking us up.


Triccie and Patti at the BookMooch Table, AHS Fair

Triccie and I handled the logistics and preparation of our BookMooch table at AHS. Triccie did the talking with Ateneo, provided the table, chairs, electric fan (good call!), laptop, internet connection, transportation (thanks, Manong Bogs), and even left-over stock from her bookstore (we sold some books to recover the cost of the booth fee). I provided the kit, BookMooch tarpaulin, BookMooch t-shirts (thanks to my sister), and BookMooch information sheets, which supplied more information on what BookMooch is all about.


All About BookMooch!

Honey, Joel F., and Karen were also very helpful in promoting BookMooch. These three book-lovin’ teachers helped distribute fliers and information sheets to every classroom in the high school before the fair started. Their hard work paid off because when our table was all set up, students and teachers stopped by for more information, and others who just passed by would exclaim, “Hey, it’s BookMooch!”.


BookMooch tarpaulin

It was wonderful to meet so many booklovers. Triccie and I talked to AHS students, AHS alumni, parents, teachers, visitors, and even people from other booths. JoelG also helped us in encouraging the students to join BookMooch (thanks for coming, Joel!). Czar and Marie followed later in the evening as well.

Our stint at the AHS fair was, all in all, a success. A few days after the fair two students contacted me via email and wrote that they already joined BookMooch. I am now helping them get settled in.


With AHS students and teachers

Until the next BookMooch stand! Yay for BookMooch!

The MoochStand Project is run and organized by Teresa Malango, who also handles all press inquiries for BookMooch. If you would like to tell people about the joys of mooching and set up a BookMooch table at a local fair, festival, book sale, or other public event, just send an email to Teresa and mooch a MoochStand Kit.

Our BookMooch shirts were made by Giddy Shirts.

I have to give credit to my sister Jennie and her friends Berns and Mitch for helping me and BMP. They made the shirts, took care of the tarpaulin, had the BM information sheets photocopied, and gave me rides back and forth to Triccie’s place. Thanks!


Thanks for Joining My BookMooch Contest!

Last August I celebrated my first year on BookMooch on the 3rd and my birthday on the 12th. In addition to these occasions I also celebrated 300+ books given away on BookMooch (yay!). Since joining, I have mooched excellent and hard-to-find books and given away my pre-loved books as well. But more significant than that, I have made so many friends locally and internationally and have found a cause I believe in—promoting the love of books through volunteering at and helping the Quezon City Public Library – Pasong Tamo.

In celebration of all this good fortune, I held two contests for everyone on BookMooch. Books and BM points were given away as prizes for the lucky winners and deserving BM charities.

LOCAL MEMBERS (Philippines): Thank you for joining my contest! Congratulations to Rise and Blooey (winners of 5 points each and two new books of his/her choice—from Powerbooks), Czar, Dianne, Amanda, and CZ (winners of 2 free books from my inventory and 3 points each), Aloi, Fria, Czar, Blooey, Peng, Marie, Jem, CZ, Pink, and Rise (winners of a smooch), and Ria, Mutch, and Amanda (winners of personalized address labels). Thank you for celebrating my anniversary and birthday with me and supporting the Quezon City Public Library. Everyone who joined this contest also received 10 BookMooch cards! Everyone’s a winner!

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS: Thank you so much for joining my contest and supporting the BookMooch charities. Congratulations to Michael (winner of a book of his choice from Powerbooks and 5 BM points) and his favorite charity, the Quezon City Public Library (Pasong Tamo) (winner of 10 BM points). Congratulations also to Lisa, Lola, and Mark (winners of 3 BM points) and to their favorite charities, Operation Paperback, ASDfriendly, and The Prison Book Project (winners of 3 points as well). Other charities who were nominated by the other contestants were also given BookMooch points as additional prizes.

Thank you for celebrating my BookMooch anniversary and birthday with me and the BookMooch charities!

BookMooch rocks!

Patti’s BookMooch Anniversary and Birthday Contest WINNERS

This August I celebrated my first year on BookMooch on the 3rd and my birthday on the 12th (today!). In addition to these occasions I am also celebrating 300+ books given on BookMooch (yay!). I wanted to share my happiness with all my friends on BookMoochers Pilipinas (and Filipinos on BookMooch) so I held a special contest for everyone!

The contest began on August 1and ended last night, August 11. There were 16 entrants and 47 points donated to the QCPL account as ticket entries. Success! Thanks for joining, everyone! 🙂

I am now going to announce the winners on this post, but before I do, let me tell you about the prizes!

FIRST PRIZE: 2 winners of a book of his/her choice under Php 700 (must be available at Powerbooks—love that birthday discount!) and 5 BM points each

SECOND PRIZE: 4 winners of 2 free books (each) from my inventory (may be mooched on or before August 31, 11:59 PM; points spent will be returned promptly) and 3 BM points each

THIRD PRIZE: 10 winners of a smooch each

FOURTH PRIZE: 3 winners of Personalized Sticker Labels (Options: your name and address OR a “Mooch from me!” + BookMooch URL label)

Everyone who entered the contest will receive 10 BookMooch cards from me. I will send the cards via post office (or courier if I have pending books to be sent to you) after I confirm your shipping address.

On to the drawing!

Here is my glass punch bowl (which doubles as a cake stand) where I put all the tickets.

Look at all those tickets!

And now, drumroll please!


Congratulations, Rise and Blooey! You both won 5 points each and a book(s) of your choice from Powerbooks!


Congratulations to Czar, Dianne, Amanda, and CZ! You all get 3 points each and 2 books from my inventory for FREE!


Prepare to be smooched, Aloi, Fria, Czar, Blooey, Peng, Marie, Jem, CZ, Pink, and Rise! 😉


Congratulations, Ria, Mutch, and Amanda! You three won personalized sticker labels! You can choose between an address label or a “Mooch from Me!” label.

Congratulations to all of you!

I think I had more fun with this contest than you guys did! Thank you for joining my contest and celebrating my first BookMooch Anniversary and birthday with me. Thank you also for supporting the QC Public Library! Woo-hooo!!!

Winners of Patti’s Mini BookMooch Contest

About two weeks I go I announced on BookMoochers Pilipinas Shelfari that I was having a small contest in celebration of my having given 200+ books on BookMooch. BookMooch cards and smooches were to be given as prizes and those who wanted to join just had to tell me their name, BookMooch id, birthday, and what their favorite book is.

The contest ended today, June 30, 8PM, and I have determined the winners by drawing their names out of a hat!

To the 16 who participated, thanks for joining!

The hat!

The names in the hat:

And now, let’s find out who the lucky winners are!

The first name I picked is the big winner. He/she won 200 BookMooch cards (which must be mooched and the point will be returned asap) and a smooch! The next 4 names I picked won a smooch each!

And the big winner is…(drumroll)

Congratulations, Aloi!

Now let’s meet the other lucky winners…

Congratulations, Marie, Karen, Czar, and CZ! You get a smooch each!

Thanks for joining, everyone! Stay tuned for my big contest (with bigger prizes) in August. I’m celebrating one year on BookMooch (August 3) and my birthday (August 12).


BookMooch Fanatic…That’s Me!

Obviously I can’t get enough of BookMooch.

I just went and bought this (in two-tone hunter green):

And this (lime ladies basic t-shirt):

Love it!

BookMooch 11oz Mug from

BookMooch shirt from

I Have BookMooch Cards to Give Away

BookMooch cards are little business-size cards that you can give to your friends to tell them about BookMooch. They are printed on good-quality glossy card stock.

I have a big bunch of cards that I am giving away. Several boxes in fact (but only one pictured below).

Mooch cards from me here:

25 cards *FREE for local and international moochers

50 cards *1 point only for international moochers

100 cards

See Bio: BookMooch Cards for more info.