Happiness is…


…having a bunch of packages to open! Gotta love BookMooch!

I was going to take an “after” shot, but I was so happy and distracted by the books that I forgot! Half of the packages were for QCPL, but half of them were mine…ALL MINE!!!


A Post-Birthday Book Treat

There’s nothing like treating yourself to books on your birth month. Thanks to Powerbooks (and to my Powercard Plus status) I was able to satisfy my book cravings at 40% off! Woo-hoo!

But there were good news and bad news. The good news was there were lots of books on sale…20%-70% off. But the bad news was because my birthday blowout coincided with the store’s sale season, I only had little to choose from. Unfortunately, Powerbooks is just like any other store in the country, i.e. they pull out most of their recent inventory to force shoppers to purchase their old ones instead. Which sucks for me!

I did my book-shopping at Powerbooks Megamall last Sunday, hoping that the big store will have lots of books for me. I was wrong, though. Their shelves were almost empty. I was all ready to go wild and spend lots of money on books but the selection was small and not even interesting. I looked at all the books on the shelves. Twice. And I only got 6 books! Argh! Of course, I could just grab books off the shelf but I’d rather use my money on books that I know I’ll like.

But I can’t say I am all frustrated about my Powerbooks purchases. The books that I got were really good ones. I’ve only read two so far, but I know the rest will be great reads as well.

My Powerbooks book haul:

Not bad, eh? The book on the bottom wasn’t purchased in Powerbooks, however. I got it from Booksale but included it in the photo anyway since I bought it on the same day. Love them!

Now this morning, I went to SM North to have my local mooch-requests mailed at 2GO. Of course, a trip to the mall will always include book-shopping. National Bookstore was just across 2GO, so that’s the next place I went to. This National Bookstore outlet always has a sale table on one side and I was planning to make a beeline to it upon entering. Instead I was distracted by all the SALE signs hanging from the ceiling! If I’m not mistaken I think my eyes widened and my jaw dropped! I forgot that today was the start of the National Bookstore Sale! Woo-hoo! Great timing! That means I got first pick! I went crazy jumping from one sale table to the next, finding so many books to buy! I was only inside for 5 minutes but already had 5 hardcovers on my arm. And every time I transferred to the next table I found more books to get. It was crazy! The prices were crazy, too. Php 99 for a hardcover (ex-library but still in excellent condition once you get the Brodart book jacket cover off), Php 30 for a paperback. Excellent.

My National Bookstore book haul:


All in all, an excellent birthday month for a booklover.

BookMooch Fanatic…That’s Me!

Obviously I can’t get enough of BookMooch.

I just went and bought this (in two-tone hunter green):

And this (lime ladies basic t-shirt):

Love it!

BookMooch 11oz Mug from Zazzle.com

BookMooch shirt from Zazzle.com

The Word Nerd’s Shower Curtain

Top 500 SAT Words Shower Curtain

“They say the best time to learn is when your brain is unguarded and pliable. And when is your brain more unguarded and pliable than when you first get up in the morning? With this smarty shower curtain, you can be learning before you’re really even conscious! Get a mental perk me up every morning and show off your nerdy style as well. Requires 12 shower curtain hooks, not included.”

The word nerd in me is loving this!

Get it for $24.99 at X-treme Geek.